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Naruto Sex Games Are The Anime Parody Games You Didn’t Know You Need

If you’ve watched anime in the past 15 years, you’ve surely heard of Naruto. A true anime fan would know the characters and what’s going on in the story without even watching a single episode. That’s because Naruto is one of that blockbuster anime that took over the world. It’s often compared to Dragon Ball, in the protests of DBZ fans, because they claim that Goku is more famous. However, when Dragon Ball came on the air, it was the only anime around. In fact, Naruto has been watched by way more people if compared with the total audience of Dragon Ball. At the same time, Naruto is the anime of the late millennials and early GenZs, and it’s only now when they are adults that we’ll get to really feel the popularity of this blockbuster anime.

And this is the site where you will feel how popular Naruto is. Because we’ve created the biggest Naruto Sex Games collections on the internet. And you’ll be impressed with the size of it. At the same time, you’ll have to keep in mind that we only feature HTML5 games in this collection, which means that we didn’t even included the many Flash sex games with Naruto characters from before the fazing out of the Flash technology on the world wide web. There are more Naruto games than Dragon Ball sex games because after the HTML5 revolution, there were hardly any new Dragon Ball porn games released. But we feature some games in which the characters from Naruto and Dragon Ball are coming together for naughty adventures.

The Naruto Universe Is Turned Into A Porn World

The parody sex games of our site are coming from all kinds of different developers and game production companies. That’s why you’ll sometimes see the characters in different graphics styles and even slightly reimagined. However, we do feature some parody sex games that are coming with perfect copies of the original characters, with the difference that you will also get to see them naked.

The reason for which we have so many Naruto parody sex games all over the web is simple. The anime series has all kinds of characters, and there’s an equal number of girls and boys in the story. And because of that, the game developers actually started releasing mini games based on the rivalry between the two gangs, but also based on their friendships and crushes. Basically, everybody is fucking everybody in the games which are thought as battles. It’s an endless and non-linear series of games that comes up with all kinds of new adventures. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely fun and horny, but we know that there are gamers among you who will want something with more story and some more complex and lengthy gameplay.

But don’t think that we forgot the needs of a big portion of our visitors. If you want to experience more than just sex between characters, then you should check out all the RPG Naruto sex games which will take you on all kinds of adventures, have you complete quests and keep you on the edge, while letting you blow naughty steam with playable sex scenes for which you’ll actually have to work in order to achieve.

Play All These Naruto Sex Games For Free

The collection of hardcore Naruto parody games that we bring on our site is completely free. That’s because we’re sure that we’re going to make more money just by featuring a couple of banners on our site, rather than making people pay for access. Not many people would pay for Naruto games, but everyone will play them when we offer the entire collection for free. You will enjoy unrestricted gaming on our site. There won’t be any requests to register, any requests to donate and you won’t need to download anything. Just browse the collection and pick the game that’s going to make you cum. At the same time, we also offer you some community features through which you can interact with other players who are horny Naruto fans. You can get into talks about your favorite episodes, the classic polemics and whom of the character is the hottest. Well, now you know everything about our collection and the site on which it comes. You’re free to finally see all those sex dreams with Naruto characters turned into virtual reality with the games of our site.

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